Library Borrowing Policy

Borrower Responsibilities

The borrower of an item is solely responsible for the item from the time it is received it until it is returned and checked back in, including any measures necessary for loss and damage.

Borrowing Deposits

There is no charge for borrowing. However, at the time of borrowing, the borrower must pay a refundable $50 deposit for each item to be borrowed. The deposit will be charged to the borrower's credit card using a secure PayPal transaction, and will be fully refunded when the item is returned to the library, barring any damages.

Borrowing Items

No more than 10 items may be on loan at any time.


  • The Library is responsible for shipping charges for books sent to borrower.
  • The borrower is responsible for shipping charges for books sent to Library.
  • The return shipping must be done by UPS. A UPS package will be enclosed with the library book.
Lost Materials
  • The borrower must notify the Library as soon as the loss is discovered.
  • Tracing the shipping of the item that has been lost is the responsibility of the party that shipped the item.
  • Record the title, shipping date, waybill number or any other information that will assist in locating the lost item.
  • The borrower must notify the Library immediately if an item is damaged.
  • The borrower is responsible for ensuring that items are returned in good condition.
  • If damage does occur, the borrower should enclose a note describing the damage when item it is returned.
  • Borrowers are responsible for covering the cost of repairing a damaged item, where damage is significant. The library may charge the borrower for the replacement cost of the damaged item depending on the severity of the damage.
Renewing Items

Two renewals are permitted on an item if the following criteria are met:

  • The item must not already be overdue
  • The item must has not been requested by another party
Borrowing Period

The borrowed item is due one month after date it is shipped out to borrower.


There is no charge for undamaged items returned on or before the due date.

An overdue fine of 50 cents per item per day shall be charged for every day past the due date that an item is not returned.

Overdue fines for an item shall not exceed half of the assigned replacement value of that item.

Lost Items

An item is considered lost if it is 30 days overdue or if the borrower identifies the item as being lost.

Lost items are subject to replacement fines, based on the assigned replacement value of the item, plus a $5 service charge. Overdue fines for an item are not applicable if the fine is paid.

If an item is found after the fine has been charged, then the borrower may be eligible for a refund. A refund of the fine is permitted if the replacement item has not already been purchased. The refund will equal the value of the item, minus the item's overdue charge and any other outstanding fines.