Press Release: May 4, 2005

For Immediate Release

Community Foundation/Sacred Heart University Library

The Community Foundation for Christian-Jewish Understanding Inc. is a private operating foundation with the objective of advancing the study of Christian-Jewish understanding. The Foundation conducts research on these issues and undertakes activities to enhance the understanding between Christians and Jews. The primary focus of the Foundation is developing a collection of manuscripts, articles, papers, documents, and artifacts that further Christian-Jewish understanding. The Foundation is working with The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut to house the collection in a special section of the Sacred Heart University Library.

The Foundation works with the Center to develop a list of appropriate books, documents, artifacts and other materials related to the general subject of Christian-Jewish understanding. The Collection will cover areas of historical as well as contemporary interest.

The Foundation and its agents, including Emily Cohen, Mary LaRubbio and Colleen Logan, have the responsibility of acquiring materials of interest for the Collection and delivering them to Sacred Heart University Library. The Foundation will fund the acquisition costs of the Collection (which remains the property of the Foundation.) The Collection will be housed on shelves dedicated solely to, and designated specifically as, the "The Community Foundation for Christian-Jewish Understanding" Collection. The library will afford the access to the Collection during regular hours. Collection items will be available for circulation only as permitted by Foundation policy or as authorized by Foundation personnel.

The Foundation and its agents work with the SHU librarian to process the Collection for library use. This includes arranging for electronic cataloguing, physical cataloguing and shelving of the Collection at the Foundation's expense.

The Foundation and its agents meet regularly with the Center to facilitate and monitor all of the above. Both parties work together to develop additional lists of appropriate books and other materials for purchasing, which shall be in the discretion of the Foundation.

The Foundation maintains a catalogue of the Collection on Foundation premises.

The Foundation also provides regular maintenance of the Collection including shelving, repairing, and caring for texts, photos, and other artifacts.

The Foundation pays the University for any costs of the designated space occupied by the Collection. Costs will be reviewed and paid annually. The designated space is identified with a plaque.

The Foundation plans to establish a special Reading Room for the Collection in coordination with Sacred Heart University, at the Foundation's expense.

In addition the Foundation has a website that serves to help share ideas and efforts that further Judaic-Christian understanding. The Foundation, through the website lists the literature and artifacts that comprise the Collection at the Sacred Heart University Library. The Foundation is working with Sacred Heart University to make available through the internet copies of non-copyrighted material and copyrighted material when permission can be obtained, create a forum for discussions on Judaic-Christian relations, and serve as a resource for all interested in furthering Judaic-Christian relations.

For further information contact:

Emily Cohen, Foundation Officer
Tel: 203-454-5409
Fax: 203-454-9588