Rare Texts Digitization Project

Palfrey, John Gorham The Relation Between Judaism and Christianity 1854 Boston: Crosby, Nichols & Company 42 MB
Hastings, H. L. The Separated Nation 1888 Boston: H.L. Hastings 8 MB
Nordau, Max A Question of Honor 1907 Boston: John W. Luce & Company 8 MB
Harris, Rendel Testimonies 1916 Cambridge: University Press 13 MB
Williams, A. Lukyn A Manual of Christian Evidences for Jewish People 1911 Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons 21 MB
Unknown The Fulfillment of Judaism 1922 Catholic Guild of Israel 6 MB
Parkes, James The Foundations of Judaism and Christianity 1960 Chicago: Quadrangle Books 37 MB
Smith, J.M. Powis The Moral Life of the Hebrews 1923 Chicago: University of Chicago Press 24 MB
Parkes, James Judaism and Christianity 1947 Chicago: University of Chicago Press 18 MB
Berthold, Fred Basic Sources of The Judaeochristian Tradition 1962 Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall 69 MB
Mills, Lawrence Heyworth Our Own Religion in Ancient Persia 1913 Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus 42 MB
Charles, R. H. A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life in Israel, in Judaism, and in Christianity 1899 London: Adam and Charles Black 34 MB
Clodd, Edward Jesus of Nazareth: Embracing A Sketch of Jewish History To The Time of His Birth 1880 London: C. Kegan Paul & Co. 21 MB
Williams, Raby A Systematic View of the Revealed Wisdom of the Word of God 1806 London: C. Whitingham 19 MB
Owtram, William Two Dissertations on Sacrifices 1828 London: Henry Goode and Co. 49 MB
Maybaum, Ignaz Synagogue and Society: Jewish-Christian Collaboration in the Defence of Western Civilisation 1944 London: James Clarke Co. Ltd. 15 MB
Oesterley, W.O.E. The Doctrine of the Last Things 1908 London: John Murray 16 MB
Philippsohn, Ludwig The Development of the Religious Idea in Judaism, Christianity and Mahomedanism 1855 London: Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans 20 MB
Watson, John Christianity and Idealism: The Christian Ideal of Life in Its Relations to the Greek and Jewish Ideals and to Modern Philosophy 1897 London: Macmillan & Co. 13 MB
Streatfeild, Frank Preparing the Way 1918 London: MacMillan & Company 14 MB
Wilkinson, John A Complete Catalogue of Christian Tracts and Publications for Jewish Readers 1905 London: Milday Mission to the Jews 5 MB
Hamilton, George A Letter to the Rev. Solomon Hirschel 1822 London: Ogle, Duncan, & Co., Seeley, and R.M. Tims 3 MB
Brandon, S.G.F. The Fall of Jerusalem and the Christian Church 1951 London: S.P.C.K. 38 MB
Williams, A. Lukyn The Hebrew-Christian Messiah 1916 London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 36 MB
Parkes, James Jesus, Paul and the Jews 1936 London: Student Christian Movement Press 11 MB
Simpson, William A. Jews and Christians To-day 1940 London: The Epworth Press 10 MB
Goakman, B. R. The Jewish Repository 1813 London: The London Society 60 MB
McCaul, Alexander The Old Paths 1837 London: The London Society 39 MB
Parkes, James The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue: a Study in the Origins of Anti-Semitism 1934 London: The Soncino Press 34 MB
Turton, W.H. The Truth of Christianity 1925 London: Wells Gardner, Darton 15 MB
Leiser, Joseph American Judaism 1925 New York 32 MB
Rowley, H. H. The Relevance of Apocalyptic: A Study of Jewish and Christian Apocalypses from Daniel to the Revelation 1944 New York: Association Press 21 MB
Mendes, Pereira H. The Jewish Religion Ethically Presented 1925 New York: Bloch Publishing 12 MB
Joseph, N.S. Israel's Faith: A Series of Lessons for the Jewish Youth 1925 New York: Bloch Publishing 10 MB
Newman, Louis Israel Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements 1925 New York: Columbia University Press 71 MB
Weinstock, Harris Jesus the Jew and Other Addresses 1902 New York: Funk & Wagnalls 12 MB
Buber, Martin The Prophetic Faith 1949 New York: Harper & Row 12 MB
Landman, Isaac Christian and Jew - A Symposium for Better Understanding 1929 New York: Horace Liveright 25 MB
Eckardt, A. Roy Christianity and the Children of Israel 1948 New York: King's Crown Press 23 MB
Evans, Robert L. The Jew in the Plan of God 1950 New York: Loizeaux Brothers, Inc. 12 MB
Maritain, Jacques A Christian Looks at the Jewish Question 1939 New York: Longmans, Green & Co. 6 MB
Clinchy, Everett R. The Growth of Good Will 1947 New York: National Conference of Christians & Jews 6 MB
Tillich, Paul Theology of Culture 1959 New York: Oxford University Press 15 MB
Fisher, George P. The Beginnings of Christianity, With a View of the State of the Roman World at the Birth of Christ 1877 New York: Scribner, Armstrong & Co. 23 MB
Zahn, Gordon C. German Catholics and Hitler's Wars 1962 New York: Sheed & Ward 20 MB
Eisler, Robert The Messiah Jesus and John the Baptist 1931 New York: The Dial Press 111 MB
Unknown Zionism: A Jewish Statement to the Christian World 1907 New York: The Federation of American Zionists 3 MB
Oesterley, W.O.E. Immortality and the Unseen World 1921 New York: The Macmillan Company 21 MB
Kittel, Rudolf The Religion of the People of Israel 1925 New York: The Macmillan Company 17 MB
Cooley, William Forbes The Aim of Jesus Christ 1925 New York: The MacMillan Company 18 MB
Gavin, F. The Jewish Antecedents of the Christian Sacraments 1928 New York: The MacMillan Company 14 MB
Oesterley, W.O.E. Hebrew Religion: It's Origin and Development 1930 New York: The Macmillan Company 40 MB
Pilcher, Charles Venn The Hereafter in Jewish and Christian Thought 1938 New York: The Macmillan Company 14 MB
Langton, Edward Good and Evil Spirits 1942 New York: The MacMillan Company 17 MB
King, Albion Roy The Problem of Evil 1952 New York: The Ronald Press Co. 27 MB
Perrotta, Paul C. Pope John XXIII 1959 New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons 24 MB
Guignebert, Charles The Jewish World in the Time of Jesus 1959 New York: University Books 46 MB
Peake, Arthur S. The People and the Book 1925 Oxford: Clarendon Press 42 MB
Oesterley, W.O.E. The Jewish Background of the Christian Liturgy 1925 Oxford: Clarendon Press 25 MB
Williams, A. Lukyn Studies in the History and Doctrine of Judaism and Christianity 1910 Oxford: Parker & Co. 11 MB
Iliowizi, Henry Jewish Dreams and Realities Contrasted with Islamic and Christian Claims 1890 Philadelphia: by the author 39 MB
Silver, Abba Hillel Where Judaism Differed 1956 Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America 28 MB
Baeck, Leo Judaism and Christianity 1960 Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America 23 MB
Sandmel, Samuel A Jewish Understanding of the New Testament 1956 Philadelphia: Maurice Jacobs 26 MB
Greenstone, Julius H. The Religion of Israel: A Book for Use in Religious Schools and the Home 1918 Philadelphia: The Hebrew Sunday School Society 6 MB
Greenstone, Julius H. The Jewish Religion 1925 Philadelphia: The Jewish Chautauqua Society 15 MB
Davies, W. D. Christian Origins and Judaism 1962 Philadelphia: Westminster Press 32 MB
Glazer, Bable Benedict Christian-Jewish Relations In The United States 1938 Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Bulletin 2 MB
Hamilton, Frank Evidences that Jesus is the Messiah 1905 Ventnor, NJ: Rev. Frank Hamilton 14 MB
Montgomery, James A. Historic Jewish-Christian Relationships and The Bible as Classica1 Literature 1935 Wilkes-Barre: Temple Israel 3 MB

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